Mara Center

The concept of a landmark that creates a focal point in Iveragh Peninsula in Ireland. Situated in Waterville just outside of Lough Currane, this marine center is a vital point of connection for the community surrounding the Ring of Kerry and the waterfront. As Iveragh has extraordinary landscapes and a unique diverse ecosystem, the center is seamlessly integrated into the environment to preserve its beauty.

The concept was created during Balancing Continuity and Change Charrette. I was responsible for designing the logo, digital system for the marine center and simple application.



Designed application has two main functions. The first one is informative. Users can find information about events and attractions of Mara Center and read detailed information about them. The second function is wayfinding and navigation around the facility.


user is walking with their mobile device
they approach the landmark
push notification is being sent to their device
user takes their device to take photo of the landmark
they notice notification
wayfinding message is being displayed

Digital system for Mara Center


Animation (KEA case summary)


Team Facilitators:

Hassan Zaki
Sean (Sina) Zarabi


Wojciech Popiel
Laura Mcmullan
Marta Palha Oliveira Lopes
Jennifer Wieskopf
Rong Han

Stefano Tagliabue
Jae Lee
Gregory Sousa
Dileeni Manickam
Greta Battaglia