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Friction is a service consisting of mobile app, that gives people of all abilities interested in making cities more accessible opportunity to report and point at problems of the accessibility in their urban area.

Vision: Make the urban areas accessible to people of all abilities

Mission: Turn complaining into positive thing and provoke change with productive complaining.


In 2015 almost 75% of Europe's population lived in urban areas.

Out of 7 billion people living in the world 54% live in the cities.

25% of today's 20 year olds will become disabled in upcoming 40 years

Why is this important?

Obstacles, that disabled people face daily, are often located in urban areas, for example:

Stairs without ramps
Lack of subtitles to voice messages
Traffic lights with no sound signal

Other issues

like broken pavement or high curbs, affect all the citizens. What do we do when we face problem in our neighbourhood?

Usualy we notice the problem but don't know who to address it to
We become angry and start complaining, because we cannot fix the issue
With Friction we want to turn complaining into productive thing


With Friction App

Friction is a concept, that gives people of all abilities opportunity to point at problems of the accessibility in urban spaces. We focus on citizens who are interested in making urban areas more accessible.

Friction contains mobile application, website and wearable device such as digital wristband, ring or smartwatch.

The concept is kept app-centric. Additional devices allow users to choose what platform they want to use together with the app.


Users can access all the features of Friction App from their smartphone. The most important function is uploading the obstacles. To do that they need to follow five steps. Take a photo of an issue, write address or geotag the location, write title and description, choose the category and upload the friction.


The main purpose of the website is showcasing reported obstacles. Users can browse frictions, upvote them, follow the interesting cases and see solved ones. We allow users to log into the system via the website and edit details of the problems they uploaded. This feature allows them to correct details they missed or finish reporting the issue they uploaded with a digital device such as a smart ring or wristband.



Adobe Design Achievement Award 2016

Friction won Adobe Design Achievement Award 2016 in Social Impact - Web / App / Game Design.


Wojciech Popiel
Gabriela Prattingerova